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We are pleased to announce that Development Analytics has entered a Long Term Arrangement (LTAS) with UNICEF on the Provision of High-Quality Technical Expertise on Child Poverty and Social Protection 2022-2025


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July 2022

Under this LTA, we stand ready to support UNICEF Regional and Country Offices in the period 2022-2025 on analytical work related to the following areas:

Integrated Programme Areas

  • Design of cash/cash-plus programmes: inclusion/targeting, transfer size, frequency and links to other programmes

  • Analytical support during implementation of cash/cash-plus programmes: identification, digital and innovative payment systems, monitoring and evaluation, grievance and redress mechanisms, communications and connecting cash transfers to information, knowledge and services (such as fee waivers, health insurance, cash and school feeding, among others)

  • Family care policies: supporting the expansion of childcare and family-friendly policies, including adequate and paid parental leave, fee waivers or subsidized childcare services, including in the informal sector

  • Health insurance: support to improve and expand health insurance towards universal health coverage

  • Social welfare workforce strengthening, family outreach interventions, case management and capacity building

Inclusive Social Protection

  • Design of inclusive social protection systems: assess programmes to ensure vulnerable communities with particular characteristics and identities, including gender, disability status, migration/displacement (children on the move), ethnicity, HIV status, and geographic location, have access and that systems respond to their needs.

  • Gender-responsive and transformative social protection programmes and systems: addressing gendered life course risks, access to services and social and economic empowerment (with a shock-responsiveness lens)

  • Disability-sensitive social protection: designing specific interventions and disability-sensitive programmes and systems (with a shock-responsiveness lens)

Regions covered under this LTA:

East Asia and Pacific Region
Eastern and Southern Africa Region
Europe and Central Asia
Latin America and The Caribbean Region
Middle East and North Africa Region
Western and Central Africa Region

If you work within or alongside UNICEF and would like to have a conversation or brainstorm with our expert team on these topics.


If you are a researcher/academic working on these topics and would like to collaborate with us.

We look forward to being in touch !

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