Evidence-based tools for social policy and programme development

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Development Analytics is a research centre and advisory specialising in the provision of models and analytical tools for social policy and programme development. Leveraging deep expertise in large-scale data analysis using microeconometric and machine learning techniques, we help our clients collect, analyse, and visualise social data in new and effective ways.  Our clients and partners range from multilateral development banks, UN organisations and government ministries to local non-profit organisations developing community-driven programmes.


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Does Quality Matter in Determining Child Care Prices? Evidence from Private Child Care Provision in Turkey

September 2021

Didem Pekkurnaz, Meltem A. Aran, Nazli Aktakke 

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How to Assess the Child Poverty and Distributional Impact of COVID‑19 Using Household Budget Surveys: An Application Using Turkish Data

August 2021

Meltem A. Aran, Nazli Aktakke, Zehra Sena Kibar, Emre Üçkardeşler 

Targeting Humanitarian Aid.png

Targeting Humanitarian Aid using Administrative Data: Model Design and Validation

January 2021

Onur Altındağ, Stephen D.O'Connell, Aytuğ Şaşmaz, Zeynep Balcıoğlu, Paola Cadonie, Matilda Jernecke, Aimee Kunze Foonge


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