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Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes

Social Protection Specialist, Senior Research Associate

Rebecca Holmes brings over 15 years of expertise in delivering policy-relevant social protection research focusing on gender equality, women and girls' empowerment, lifecycle analyses, and the humanitarian-development nexus. Rebecca has led the design and implementation of numerous qualitative and mixed-methods evaluations for reputable entities such as UNICEF, DFID, the World Bank, and the EU. The projects she was mapped into include qualitatively evaluating Rwanda’s cash-based safety net program (the VUP) to emphasise a gender and life-cycle approach. Rebecca has also spearheaded a mixed-methods assessment of Nepal’s cash-based social security allowance schemes. Her experience extends to evaluating programs for refugees and contributing to assessing Lebanon’s social protection system for the Lebanese and displaced Syrian population. Additionally, she played a key role in evaluating the effects of humanitarian cash transfers in Jordan on the Syrian refugee population's well-being, health, and education (DFID).

Rebecca's contributions extend to publications and presentations on social protection, gender, and the humanitarian-development nexus. She co-authored the book "Gender and Social Protection in the Developing World: Beyond Mothers and Safety Nets." Her multifaceted experience showcases her commitment to advancing knowledge and informing impactful policies in social protection.

She holds her MA degree in Gender and Development from the Institute of Development Studies and BA from the University of Manchester.

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