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Didem Pekkurnaz, Ph.D.

Didem Pekkurnaz, Ph.D.

Economist, Research Associate

Dr. Didem Pekkurnaz is currently an Associate Professor of Economics at Başkent University in Ankara/Türkiye. Her research interests include microeconomics, health economics, labour economics, and demography. Her publications focus on topics such as childcare pricing and its quality, the relationship between contraceptive methods and women’s employment, women’s provider choice for induced abortion, determinants of unmet needs in family planning, and the effect of obesity on the employment of women. Her recent work focuses on the health of refugee women living in Türkiye.

Dr. Didem Pekkurnaz obtained her PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds a B.S. in statistics and an M.S. in economics from Middle East Technical University (METU).

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