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Özge Kaptan

Özge Kaptan

Quantitative Data Analyst

Özge Kaptan, a proficient quantitative data analyst at Development Analytics, plays a crucial role in our research team. Her responsibilities encompass statistical analysis, data coding, and visualization, particularly focusing on the quantitative analysis of micro-level datasets. With expertise in tools such as Stata, R, and Power BI, Özge's research interests revolve around labour economics, poverty, inequality, social policy, and applied econometrics.

Her career in Development Analytics has included significant contributions, including her role as a data analyst for the study "The Systematic Analysis of the Early Childhood Education Sub-Sector in Türkiye." In this capacity, Özge conducted quantitative analysis and data visualization using the SILC and HBS datasets of TURKSTAT. She also led the creation of a mapping exercise using PowerBI. Furthermore, Özge has been instrumental in transforming interactive web-based simulation tools for various projects into R.

Özge holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Boğaziçi University and pursuing a master's degree in Economics at Sabancı University, where she has also served as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics. Before commencing her master's studies, Özge also gained research and field experience as a business analyst in the market research sector

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