Who We Are

Development Analytics was founded in 2013 to provide decision-makers in the public and private sectors with evidence-based research on social programme and policy development. The research team has expanded to include experts from a broad range of social science disciplines including economics, political science, public health, social policy and international development. In addition to our core team, we draw on our international network of consultants, researchers, and collaborators to ensure that we have access to the specialist knowledge needed for the project at hand.

Executive Director

Meltem is a human development economist with research focusing on poverty, inequality, and overall distributional impact of social policies. Since 2004, she has been involved in various research projects and impact evaluations relating to poverty and human development with the World Bank in East Asia, ECA, and MENA regions.


Research Associate

Sapna is a public health researcher and epidemiologist whose work focuses on women’s health, reproductive health, community health workers, and program evaluation. Recent research includes leading a cluster randomised trial that evaluated the effect of health education on women’s treatment-seeking behaviour and a mixed-methods study to investigate hysterectomy in India. 


Rebecca Holmes has 15 years of experience providing policy-relevant research on social protection. She also has experience in assessing programmes for refugees. Rebecca has published widely and made numerous presentations to a range of audiences on social protection, gender, and the humanitarian-development nexus. 

Research Associate

Özsel’s research and work span a range of topics at the intersection of early childhood development and education policy. She has provided research and analysis services as a consultant to international organizations, including UNICEF, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Catholic Relief Services as well as working as a staff member at the European Commission, Istanbul Policy Center, Search for Common Ground, and the Regional Development Agency in Turkey.


Research Associate

Didem is an applied microeconomist with primary interests in health and labour economics. She holds a BS degree in Statistics, an MS degree in Economics from Middle East Technical University, and a doctoral degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Research Associate

Evrim is a comparative political scientist with expertise in political economy in the Middle East. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a doctoral degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Washington, Seattle. Her doctoral dissertation is focused on the state and Islamic business relations in Turkey and Egypt. 

Research Associate

Kristen is an anthropologist with a primary interest in studying migration, diversity, and urban change.  Since 2006 she has worked both professionally and academically in the field of immigration and asylum policy and practice in Turkey and has taken part in different research projects funded by the British Council,  the European Union, Husnu M. Ozyegin Foundation, and  UNICEF.  

Gökçe Uysal, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Gokce Uysal is currently an associate professor of economics at Bahcesehir University and the deputy director at Bahcesehir University Center for Economic and Social Research (Betam). She works on labour markets, economics of gender, economics of education, and household savings. Dr. Uysal holds a BA from Galatasaray University and a doctoral degree in Economics from University of Rochester.

Research Associate

Beyza is an applied microeconomist with a primary interest in industrial organization and regional development. Her current research focuses on the econometric evaluation of the effect of regional economic development policies on unemployment and firm behaviour.


Research Associate

Gökçe is a political scientist and her work focuses on the political and socio-economic impacts of poverty alleviation programs on poor people. Most recently she has been working on conditional cash transfers in Turkey and her work investigates whether transferring cash with conditions to the poor empower their social citizenship or produce/reproduce linkages, their obligations to reciprocate in terms of supporting the political party allocating them.

Research Associate

Güneş is a development economist with research interests in growth, regional development, and female labour force participation trends. She works as an assistant professor at TOBB Economics and Technology University in Ankara and is teaching econometrics, statistics, and mathematics. Her current research is on the estimation of income per capita series and constructing development indicators for the 26 regions of Turkey since the late 19th century using historical sources.

Research Associate

Irem’s research focuses on public policy and taxation, R&D, innovation, and firm-level productivity. She is currently Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation at Saïd Business School. Irem was previously a private sector development economist at the World Bank as part of the Europe and Central Asia region, Financial and Private Sector Development unit working on topics related to R&D and technology adoption, corporate taxation, small and medium-sized enterprises, state aid, exports, and financial sector development. 


Research Associate

Naureen’s work focuses on education, and specific topics include promotion incentives for teachers, and social distance and learning outcomes. She has previously conducted work for the World Bank, Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE), Oxford Policy Management, and the Young Lives Project. This work has included both research and policy work. 

Onur Altindag, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Onur Altindag is an assistant professor of Economics at Bentley University. His research interests lie primarily at the intersection of population and health economics. His early work focused on fertility preferences and their impact on maternal and infant health. In his dissertation

Research Associate

Yasemin is a faculty member at Koç University and has worked on several country-wise evaluations and large-N surveys. She is a quantitative methodologist with expertise in the evaluation of social, educational, and health programs, experimental/quasi-experimental design, and models to optimize intervention effectiveness.

Research Associate

Dr. Korkmaz is a political scientist and his departmental lecturer in Migration and Development at the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID). One of his main research areas includes the analysis of the actual and potential results of blockchain and AI-based humanitarian projects and digital identity initiatives on dealing with refugee questions.

Özgür Bozçağa

Research Associate

Ozgur is a Ph.D. student in Economics and Public Policy program jointly offered by The Fletcher School and the Department of Economics at Tufts University.  He received his BA in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University and completed his MA in Politics at New York University. He also completed doctoral coursework in quantitative social science at Boston University. 

Research Associate

Şenay is a cultural anthropologist and researcher. Her research areas include international migration, refugees, Turkish state’s refugee policies, politics of humanitarian aid.

Social Impact Investment Lead

Şafak leads the social impact portfolio at Development Analytics where she designs and advises social impact interventions to create and measure positive social value. Safak has a background in corporate and energy law, and she advised international clients and also served several public and private companies throughout the years as a legal advisor. 

Urban Planner

Kim is an urban planner with experience conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis. She specializes in spatial analytics and the visualization of data. Kim has worked with public, private, and non-profit organizations to conduct economic impact studies, affordable housing needs analysis, and market analysis, and policy research.


Zeynep Balcıoğlu

Research Associate

Zeynep is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University. She passed doctoral exams in the fields of comparative politics, public policy, and research design and methodology. She studies forced migration, social policy, and welfare provision mostly in the Middle East and Balkans. 

Social Policy Specialist

Lema is a social policy economist covering issues related to social policy, social protection, and educational policy.  She has experience providing technical assistance and capacity building in public financial management and impact evaluation projects while working at the World Bank, IMF, Abu Dhabi’s DMO, Booz&Company, and Apex2Consulting. 

Safir Sümer

National Health Expert

Safir Sumer is a public health policy specialist with extensive experience in health systems. Her health sector experience includes results-based financing, health system and policy analysis, strategic planning, universal health coverage, public health, health budget and financing, and people-centred health care.

Child Protection Expert

Amalee is a child protection specialist with over 15 years of experience in the fields of child protection, child and family welfare, and child rights. She was most recently a principal consultant in the development of a five-year strategy on parenting for violence prevention for UNICEF Thailand. 

Qualitative Social Policy Researcher

Zeynep Baser-Kubiena is a senior qualitative researcher specialized in program evaluation and qualitative methods. Zeynep has been working in the field of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) since 2012. Since then she has worked both as an internal M&E officer within the organizations and as an external evaluator conducting independent program evaluations for international donor organizations.  

Research Associate

Merve is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Social Sciences at the UCL’s Institute of Education. Before starting her doctoral studies, she was a full-time team member at Development Analytics. Merve holds a master’s degree in Social Policy Analysis (IMPALLA) from KU Leuven in Leuven, Belgium.

Refugee and Education Specialist

Laetitia Lemaistre is an education specialist who focuses on refugee education, education in emergencies and conflict contexts, and humanitarian coordination. She is a third-year doctoral candidate at the Institute of Education at University College London and her research interests lie in refugee children’s access to formal education in Greece, examining both urban and camp caseloads. 

Tuğba Bozçağa

Research Associate

Tugba is a Ph.D. student in political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). She studies political economy of development using macro- and micro-level statistical data and ethnographic methods.

Aytuğ Şaşmaz

Research Associate

Aytug Sasmaz is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Government Department of Harvard University. He holds degrees in political science from Bogazici University (BA), LSE (MSc), and Brown University (MA). Prior to his doctoral training, he worked as an education policy analyst at the Education Reform Initiative in Turkey, executing research and evaluation projects in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, UNICEF, and World Bank. 

Marc Petzoldt

Humanitarian (refugee and migration) and development specialist

Marc is a Targeting Assistance Expert and humanitarian aid project manager. He has over twenty years of international experiences in migration and refugee program management. Marc has specialized knowledge in targeting, notably designing and managing cash-based-interventions in humanitarian projects.

Senior Quantitative Research Analyst

Nazli is a senior quantitative researcher at Development Analytics with experience working on a wide range of topics including cash transfer programs, labour force participation of women, and health and education outcomes of children. 

Social Policy Analyst

Hazal is a social policy analyst at Development Analytics with research interests related to poverty and inequality, social assistance reforms, cash transfer programmes and targeting approaches, and child welfare. She has received her master’s degree in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford, focusing on the comparative welfare system analysis and cross-national variations in major social policy areas.

Arabic Speaking Field Coordinator

Satanay is a Syrian-national based in Ankara. Since 2017, Satanay started working with Development Analytics where she took part in facilitating FGDs, designing of the field instruments, data collection, translation of the data, and coding. 

Arabic Speaking Field Coordinator

Yali recently joined the Development Analytics team as an Arabic speaking qualitative field coordinator and analyst on evaluation projects related to Syrian refugees in Turkey and the region.

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